About Us

The Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad de Santiago de Chile is now one of the largest in the country with more than 11,000 undergraduate students in 10 different academic departments. The faculty delivers 20 engineering undergraduate and graduate –masters and PhD– programs, and an offer of continuing education according to the needs of the industry.

In 2014, and after 100 years of prestigious tradition, the new big project from the Chilean Development Agency (CORFO, in Spanish) of educational training for engineering students, called “New Engineering for 2030”, came to support Chilean universities in the definition and implementation process of strategic plans for engineering schools towards a world-class study centers.

One of the strengths of this project is to scale up the national engineering training by incorporating proven good practices from international institutions and taking the advantage of the high academic alliance the faculty of engineering established with world-standard universities and research centers, with the aim of pursuing a greater and better exchange of knowledge for the future professionals.

In order to support this process, the International Relations Direction of the Faculty of Engineering is permanently working to build new strategic alliances with the purpose of integrating the international, intercultural or global dimension to the teaching-learning process, research and service.

This explains why the International Schools of our Faculty is a unique and interdisciplinary experience where national and international students acquire different perspectives of the role of engineers in globalization, in an experiential learning basis and in line with the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.


Dr. René Garrido Lazo

Director International School Sustainable Development and Circular Economy

Ph.D. in Philosophy – Engineering, Villanova University, EEUU

Dra. María Teresa Santander

Director International School on Engineering and Society

Ph.D. in Philosophy of Sciences – Universidad de Valencia, España


Francisca Ibaceta

Coordinator of International Cooperation

Francisca holds a Bachelor degree in English Language and Literature. She has vast experience in international mobility. She seeks to develop strategic associative networks, and foster projects and activities with an international and intercultural focus.

Javiera Díaz Pérez

Coordinator of Global Education

English and Portuguese Translator with experience in Second language teaching and student group leadership in Chile and abroad. Strives to promote and create international opportunities for students so they can gain well-rounded, diverse life experiences.